Our experience working with small teams over the past 20 years has enabled us to share insights and proven methodologies for teams that are going through significant change

We have worked with growth businesses in fast growing markets who need to scale quickly and also with organisations who recognise the need to change how they work within a disrupted market

To support transformational change we believe clear vision, team engagement and a culture of trust are essential alongside a clear actionable plan for individuals and teams 

Recent sales performance improvement assignments & results include:

• Developed methodologies & processes to scale up internal sales & customer functions from 40 to 120  
• Supported CEO/COO in a sales leadership development role for 6 month period prior to company being acquired (50 employees)
• Business growth from £2.5m to £4m (60%) over 2 years working with the founding CEO on a transformational change programme (30 employees)

Issues within organisations that lead to initial discussions include:
•Increase in remote working and the need for remote collaboration

• Sales growth under-achieving against industry norms

• Good people leaving the company

• A transition of Leadership within the business

• A strong product-led company losing deals to competitors

• Low conversion rate from leads to sales

• Limited confidence and belief in difficult trading 


Sales Director in a family owned business

Duncan is adept at cutting through the noise, creating clarity and bringing to the surface and keeping it to the fore, the core activities to focus on to meet your objectives…he has a real appreciation and understanding of the dynamics and challenges facing those working within a family business which was essential for me in establishing trust between us.