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We work with the owners, managers and commercial teams within small and mid-sized businesses (10-500 employees) and with business units with up to 1000 employees within larger enterprises in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Americas



Altrix was founded by Duncan Battishill in December 2001 with the the intention to help nurture individuals ability to work more effectively with their clients and colleagues

With 20 years of experience we have developed ways to guide, mentor, facilitate, and coach leaders and their teams       

Based in a beautiful part of the Cotswolds we work with teams remotely and on-site across the UK from Bristol to London, Newcastle or Edinburgh, and have clients also spanning beyond the UK located in the Middle East, Far East and N.America

“The best solutions are those that are owned by the mentee, those they believe will be right for them.  My greatest gift is to tease out these options”​

Duncan Battishill 



Sales Director in a private family owned business

We engaged Duncan to work with our sales team in 2018, having heard him speak at a UK Business Productivity Event for Business Owners in 2017. Not knowing exactly what we needed Duncan was able to facilitate our team through some insightful and searching questions on how we currently supported our customers, and how we wanted to support a very diverse group of customers moving forward. This led to new but practical approaches for our team, without them being overwhelmed. I really valued Duncan’s coaching and mentoring support as I lead this change and reflecting on this period, I feel more confident in who I am and how I can make a difference to my team. One of the many benefits of having an experienced coach is being able to speak openly and think out loud, realising I often know the answer but often it takes time to tease it out. I have found Duncan’s approach simple and really helpful in coaching my team to become better performers. I’d highly recommend Duncan to business who wants to grow, change and improve.



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