How Does A Business Build A Revenue Pipeline with More Ideal Clients?

•    According to UK SME Business Surveys companies should allocate between 7% and 8% of their revenues to marketing. In other words, to win £1,000,000 in revenue you should allocate £70-80k per year for Marketing

•    How do you ensure that’s money well spent?  Our Build Your Revenue Pipeline Programme answers this question...AND it provides Commercial Leaders with 5 critical exercises for you to implement so you can build a healthy Revenue pipeline that will enable you to win More  Ideal Clients



  • Why a Sales Pipeline is critical for your business to thrive?

  • What should your ideal Sales Pipeline look like?

  • How to build a healthier sales pipeline?

  • How to assess your own unique strengths & take action in each client conversation without doubt and anxiety

  • How to reduce the time from initial conversations to a confirmed project

  • How to implement a repeatable sales process for your business 

Programme Details

  • 7-weeks virtual delivery to finish before the Easter break

  • 1-hour weekly Zoom session

  • 45-minutes of applying exercises between sessions

  • Facilitated & led by Duncan Battishill


“I recently participated in Duncan's Build Your Sales Pipeline 7- week course. Each week the course helped me to deepen my understanding of how to build a sales pipeline through introducing some new concepts and revisiting some I knew about, but Duncan took these to a deeper level. Duncan had a in depth understanding of the challenges in the B2B market and made some enlightening observations and suggestions about my business which I found hugely valuable”


“The exercises my team completed on this programme were very insightful and it has enabled us to implement a much simplified plan for engaging, attracting more IDEAL Clients.  We have saved a huge amount of time & resource AND at the same time we have built the healthiest Revenue Pipeline we have ever had”

Co-Founder & CEO

“As a lead practitioner in my field I often get asked to speak at webinars and round-table discussions, following Duncan’s practical guidance on how to engage with these events we now have a health flow of opportunities naturally finding us, and this has been directly as a result of participating in Duncan’s 7-week Build Your Pipeline programme”

Legal Practitioner